“Alice de Sousa has clearly done her work well. Some 15 characters are established with speed and clarity”. – Evening Standard

The Heiress of the Cane Fields 

Novel by Julio Dinis.
Adapted by Alice de Sousa 
Performed at the Greenwich Playhouse April 2005

The Heiress of the Cane FieldsAlice de Sousa’s world première adaptation of ‘The Heiress of the Cane Fields’ was staged at the Greenwich Playhouse between the 5th April and the 1st May 2005 with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

“Alice de Sousa, is London's leading exponent of Portuguese culture'. 
Time Out

‘The Heiress of the Cane Fields’ introduced to London’s cosmopolitan audiences the writing of neglected European literary master - Julio Dinis. Occassionally described as ‘Portugal’s Dickens’, Dinis was the founding father of the Portuguese romantic novel.

The Heiress of the Cane Fields‘The Heiress of the Cane Fields’ lovingly traces the impact of merciless but necessary 19th century progress on an apparently idyllic rural community. Lives are lost, wealth is created, industrialisation assured, the weak sacrificed and a precious way of life lost forever. In his epic novel Julio Dinis is inspired by a rural and fast changing world and this is shown to be as difficult as it is healing and wholesome. In her play, and through rich characterisation, powerful dramatic drive and incisive humour, Alice de Sousa creates a heart rending depiction of humanity in all its magnificence and foibles.

The Heiress of the Cane Fields‘The Heiress of the Cane Fields’ was staged by the internationally acclaimed Galleon Theatre Company; directed by: BRUCE JAMIESON has directed over twenty Galleon productions and acted some sixty stage plays. Television and film work includes: Roughnecks (BBC); In Suspicious Circumstances (Granada); Crime Solver (BBC); Ali G-Inda House (Universal); Monarch of the Glen (Ecosse); Spongebob (BBC); and Murphy’s Law (Tiger Aspect); and adapted and produced by: ALICE DE SOUSA who has produced over sixty stage plays; played leading roles in some thirty theatre productions; written several acclaimed theatre scripts; and was awarded by the American Biographical Institute, the distinction of ‘Great Women of the 21st Century’ and nominated for the ‘Woman of the Year Award 2005’. These awards recognise the impact on society of the work of 1000 prolific women throughout the world.



  • Director – Bruce Jamieson
  • Adapted & Produced by Alice de Sousa


  • Dona Doroteia – Jan Hirst
  • Henrique de Sousellas – Guiliano Crispini
  • Damião do Canada – Adam Robert Brody
  • Zé Pereira – Robert Paul
  • Zéfa – Nina Reizi
  • Eugénio Seabra – Kevin Marchant
  • João das Perdizes – Christopher Hale
  • Augusto – Paul Hessey
  • Dona Madalena – Alice de Sousa
  • Dona Vitória – Fiona Terry 
  • Cristina – Clare Harlow
  • Ermelinda – Audrey McCoy
  • Angelo – Charley Vincent
  • Vicente – Al Fiorentini
  • The Councillor – Bruce Jamieson


The Creative Team

  • Deputy Stage Manager – Elizabeth Buckeridge
  • Scenery & Props Designer – Anna Calligaro
  • Costume Designer – Richard Cooke
  • Lighting Designer – Robert Gooch
  • Assistant Set Designer - Andrea Harper 
  • Scenery construction - Julien Nimis
  • Publicity Design – Alison Rayner
  • Stills Photographer – Paul L.T. Welch
  • Costume Makers - Jane Betton-Turner; Maija Ross; Malin Person


The Heiress of the Cane Fields performed at the Greenwich Playhouse by the Galleon Theatre Company“Alice de Sousa has clearly done her work well. Some 15 characters are established with speed and clarity”. – Evening Standard

“Alice de Sousa’s hugely enjoyable adaptation of this tragicomic novel builds on her well-established reputation for communicating the greatness of Portuguese literature that deserves to be more widely known.” – The Stage

“The Greenwich Playhouse never fails to present quality productions and I would argue that The Heiress of the Cane Fields is indeed one of their best yet!” - indielondon.co.uk

“Dazzling” – The Times